A Unique Microcarrier Platform to Accelerate Your Cell Assaying Workflows

What We Do

Move cells while retaining their adherent morphology

Our SemaCyte® cell assaying microcarriers function as ultra-miniaturized, mobile wells which carry small colonies of adherent cells. They can be moved with liquid handling tools, are magnetically steerable, and can be frozen as assay-ready cells.

Integrate seamlessly with existing assaying workflows

We introduce flexibility, miniaturisation, and multiplexing into existing drug discovery workflows to produce better data, faster. SemaCytes are compatible with various tools and assay kits, e.g. for plate reader and microscopy endpoints.

The SemaCyte® Microcarrier Platform

Move and freeze adherent cells

Flexibility, speed, and miniaturisation for cell assays

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The SemaPlex Multiplexing Platform

Optically barcode and pool adherent cells

Reduce the time and cost for cell panel screens

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The SemaCyte® Starter Kit

Move cells for multiple experimental endpoints

Use adherent assay-ready cells within 1 hour from thawing

Dispense less cells-per-well but retain high local confluency

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Use Cases

Enhance your assay of choice.

Compatible with cell lines and complex cell types, transfection, plate reader endpoint, and live or fixed cell imaging.

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Who We Are

Leveraging microfabrication technology to build smart microcarrier materials for enhanced cell based assays

We are on a mission is to accelerate the pace of in vitro drug discovery by innovating adherent cell assays to produce better data, faster.

We envision a future where technology-enhanced cell workflows reduce the resource demands of drug discovery, while liberating biologists to focus on scientific exploration.

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