SEMARION - Molecular Fingerprint Analysis Solutions for Drug Development

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Semarion is developing protein fingerprint analysis solutions to enable paradigm shifts in the drug development process, specifically, patient stratification during clinical trials.


There is a wealth of complex data within biological tissue. Every cell, organ, and body, contain molecular fingerprints full of hidden information.


Semarion is tapping into that potential. Our technology platform has the potential to quantify 1,000s of biomarkers simultaneously, in an accurate, affordable, and automated way.

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Our mission is to triple the success rate of drug molecules through clinical trials by providing novel, in-depth proteomic insight into patients’ state of health and disease.


Drug Discovery

Target Identification
Compound Screens
Lead Validation

Clinical Trials

Biomarker Discovery
Efficiency Assay
Toxicity Assay


Companion Diagnostics

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Using scalable microchip-based manufacturing, Semarion creates tiny, suspended, mobile biosensors that address the high costs, limited multiplexing capabilities, and reliability challenges of current state of the art multiplex assays.

These suspended biosensors are based on novel, patented magnetic microparticles that Semarion developed.

These particles feature:
(1) Optimized surface chemistry for high specificity
(2) Robust barcoding for massive multiplexing
(3) Increased limit of detection for maximum sensitivity

Semarion is a spin-out company from the Cavendish Laboratories at Cambridge University.

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Jeroen Verheyen

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Bioassay development and life sciences expert. Founder of Majico.

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Tarun Vemulkar

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Magnetic nanoparticle design and commercial fabrication expert.

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Russell Cowburn

Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA) - Scientific instrumentation design expert. CEO of Durham Magneto Optics.

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