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Innovating Across Disciplines

Semarion is built on fostering collaboration across disciplines to tackle foundational bottlenecks in drug discovery. We operate at the edge of the physical and life sciences by using microchip industry materials and techniques to transform cell-based research.

Enabling the Science that Discovers Better Medicines

Unlocking better medicines for patients involves the long and arduous process of drug discovery. Semarion is building a technology platform that revolutionizes in vitro  research on cell models to help create better medicines, faster.


About Jeroen

Jeroen drives the strategic deployment of Semarion’s cell assaying solutions across drug discovery through product commercialisation and partnering.

Previously, he developed cell model for neuro-inflammation and worked with drug-delivery systems, RNAi, and stem cell therapeutics.

Jeroen Verheyen

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About Tarun

Tarun drives the innovation of the SemaCyte® technology platform through novel material design and engineering that is embedded across Semarion’s product suite.

His background spans running microchip fabrication processes in industry to developing an advanced nanomagnetic therapy for glioblastoma.

Tarun Vemulkar

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

About Serena

Serena leads the development and testing of the Semarion’s products to ensure seamless integration for drug discovery workflows.

She has a decade of experience of academic and industry research in oncology, stem cell biology, haematology, and ophthalmology.

Serena Belluschi

Product Lead

About Daniel

Daniel’s work is focussed on developing key applications for the SemaCyte® platform to accelerate cell biology research and cancer drug discovery.

His previous research activities include DNA replication and the DNA damage response, alongside cancer target identification and validation.

Daniel Weekes

Cell Biology Lead

About Tom

Tom heads Semarion’s microfabrication process development and optimisation with a focus on high yield, scalable manufacturing.

He has worked in both industrial and academic settings on development and fabrication projects for advanced materials.

Tom Mitchell

Process Engineer

About Paul

Paul manages the Board and guides the Executive Team on partnering and business development.

He is Chief Business Officer at Mission Therapeutics. Paul has been involved in several trade sales and has executed over $4.5B worth of outlicensing partnerships including the hepatitis C protease inhibitor, Olysio®.

Paul Wallace

Chair of the Board

About Cassie

Cassie is an Investment Director at Parkwalk Advisors, specialised in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

She is experienced in investment, strategy, operations, and governance. Previously, Cassie was an Investor at IP Group Plc and worked for a start-up that took drugs developed during her PhD into Phase II clinical trials.

Cassie Doherty

Investment Director

About Fatima

Fatima is an Investment Manager at Cambridge Seed Funds, focussed on delivering impact from research at the University of Cambridge.

Through her roles at the CRUK, the Babraham Institute, and Oxford University she developed experience in innovation management and business development.

Fatima Kranc

Investment Director

About Russell

Russell is Professor of Experimental Physics (Cambridge University) and supports the development of the SemaCyte® platform.

His research career has focused on nanomagnetism, nanotechnology, and optics. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and the Founder of Durham Magneto Optics.

Russell Cowburn

Non-Executive Director

About Del

Del is a NED and provides key industry insight on product and application development for the SemaCyte® platform.

Del co-founded Essen Biosciences and spearheaded the commercial development of the Incucyte® platform. He is also a Technology scout at Sartorius, and a NED at Axol Biosciences and ELRIG.

Del Trezise

Non-Executive Director

About Jacqui

Jacqui is a Human Resources consultant specialising in providing advice and support to start-up and early stage biotech and high-tech SME’s.

Covering all aspects of Human Resources management, her in-house experience has been gained primarily in pharmaceutical, medical devices and pharma services companies, having held UK, Europe-wide and global roles.

Jacqui Cookson

HR Consultant

About Peter

Peter is an Investment Director at Martlet Capital, with a focus on early-stage life science investments.

As a former co-founder and General Partner of SV Health Investors, he brings a career background in institutional life sciences venture capital, combined with university technology commercialisation experience.

Peter McPartland

Board Observer

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