SemaCyte® Early Adopter Programme

Why Apply?

Gain exclusive access to the SemaCyte® Microcarrier Platform. Explore how SemaCytes enable assay flexibility, speed, multiplexing and miniaturization, transforming drug discovery workflows.

What Do You Get?

– A free SemaCyte® Starter Kit
– Discounted Seeding Dishes
– Ongoing support for assay development and integration

Explore the SemaCyte® Microcarrier Platform’s potential by evaluating its ability to overcome workflow bottlenecks for your preferred key assay. Evaluate how SemaCytes revolutionize cell assays, enabling faster, high-quality data production.

How Does it Work?

We ask people to register their interest via the form below. You will then receive further details about the programme and the Application Form via email.

Programme period: 3 months

How to Learn More?

To discover more about the SemaCyte® technology, you can:

– Schedule a call or set up a demo
– View our webinar here
– Read our brochure here