Pine Trees Dancing to the Rhythm of Magnets

28th December 2022

Seasonal Greetings

What a fantastic year this was. A big thank you for following and supporting us.
We had a little bit of fun with our cell microcarriers.  Hopefully, you enjoy our winter story!



We made SemaCyte microcarriers in the shape of pine trees and loaded them with A549 lung carcinoma cells. After their release, we moved them around with an external magnetic field and dispensed them for an IC50 dose response test using the drug molecule ionomycin, cinnamon, and red wine. Interestingly, red wine and cinnamon had roughly the same IC50 value in this experimental setup.

A PDF version of the video can be found here. Reach out if you would like to learn more about how we did this wintery experiment.


Have a lovely end of the year!
The Semarion Team