Semarion presents at On Helix 2020

7th July 2020

Semarion is excited about attending On Helix 2020. Connect with our CEO Jeroen Verheyen or CTO Tarun Vemulkar if you are there. Jeroen will and speaking during the “Rising Biotech Stars” session (13 July 16.30 BST) about describe how Semarion is revolutionising cellular assays through the application of materials physics.

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About the session

16.30:  Biotech Rising Stars

Session Sponsor:

Listen to exciting early stage companies and their technology is revolutionising the biotech game. The session will see presentations from the StartCodon, Illumina and Accelerate@Babraham accelerator programmes.

Chair: Jill Reckless, RxCelerate

Sapan Gandhi, Dristhi Discoveries
Debora Lucarelli, Enhanc3d Genomics
Antoine Espinet, MicrofluidiX
Roman Rothaermel, Neurolytic Healthcare
Timothy Newton, Reflection Therapeutics
Jeroen Verheyen, Semarion
Francesca Crawford, Somaserve
Myriam Ouberai, Spirea