WEBINAR: SemaCyte Microcarriers – Move & Freeze Adherent Cells to Accelerate Your Assays

31st October 2023

The Webinar is now availble to watch:

Day: November 15th, 2023
Time: 10:00-11:00 GMT
Registration: here

Semarion will explain how their unique SemaCyte® microcarriers function and accelerate a variety of cell based assays. We have recently launched an Early Adopter Programme which offers free and discounted materials along with support to enhance an assay of choice. This webinar is a great opportunity to ask questions about this novel technology platform and the programme.

SemaCyte® cell assaying microcarriers leverage novel materials physics to move and freeze cells while retaining their adherent morphology.

  • Why: enhance standard cell assays to produce better data, faster
  • How: flat, walled cell microcarriers can be dispensed into microplates for various plate reader and imaging endpoints
  • Benefit: flexibility, speed, and assay miniaturisation for drug discovery workflows
  • Examples: more endpoints per experiment, rapid assay-ready deployment, reduced number of cells per well


  1. Introduction (5 min by Jeroen Verheyen, CEO)
  2. SemaCyte® Cell Assaying Microcarriers (5 min by Jeroen Verheyen, CEO)
    • Material features
    • Workflow advantages
  3. SemaCytes in Practice (10 min by Blaise Louis, Cell Biology Scientist)
    • Protocols & workflows
    • Reproducibly generate adherent assay-ready cells
  4. Use Cases (15 min by Daniel Weekes, Cell Biology Lead)
    • Making CellTiter-Glo viability assays 2x faster while using 2x less cells
    • Freezing transiently transfected cells for ultra-rapid NanoBRET protein-protein interaction assays
    • Staining adherent cells with cell painting dyes within 1 hour after thawing
    • Moving mature human iPSC-derived neurons and cardiomyocytes
    • Barcoding adherent cells for multiplexed cell panel screens
  5. Early Adopter Programme (5 min by Jeroen Verheyen, CEO)
  6. Q&A (20 min)

For info about our Early Adopter Programme, visit us at https://www.semarion.com/early-adopter/
For any questions or comments, contact us via https://www.semarion.com/contact/